Do you feel your chance, and would you like to have a successful e-shop? The number of Slovaks shopping online is increasing every year and it is evident that the pandemic in 2020 will only strengthen this trend. However, the boom in e-commerce leading to a growing number of e-shops also means growing competition, which can be a challenge especially for those who are just starting out in online sales.

With the competition for a few clicks next door, it is no longer enough to have just a great product. If you want to have a successful e-shop, your site should provide the best possible customer experience, thanks to which its visitors will be happy to return. At the same time, your e-shop should like Internet browsers, which can be your strong ally if you decide to play by their rules.

E-shop optimization and tuning for better conversion are processes that require time, experience, and a lot of testing. Learning, but only on one’s own mistakes, does not pay off much in the business world. Therefore, we have prepared 10 tips for you, which will help you build a successful e-shop even in today’s great competition.


1. Distinguish the e-shop from the competition with good branding

There are more than 12,600 e-shops in Slovakia, many of which belong to well-known brands with a large budget for advertising, free shipping, or other benefits for customers that smaller e-shops often cannot afford. So why should a customer buy from you?


A properly set branding strategy can help you! Branding will give your e-shop a soul and make it visible in a sea of competition. Branding is not only your logo or visual page, but also the voice of your brand. You can also start building your brand using a ready-made e-shop template. However, clearly define who your customer is and what you will try to tell him.


Also, do not neglect the ´´About Us´´ section. Is there a story connected to the beginning of your e-shop? Use it in the ´´About Us´´ section instead of boringly stating who you are and what you’re selling. (More about branding and its benefits can be found here).

2. Invest in a professional and responsive design 

Professional and modern design will ensure the credibility of your e-shop. A study by researchers at Northumbria University has even shown that design can be more important to a website’s credibility than its content.

In Slovakia, more than 60% of e-shop visits take place via mobile devices (Source: The functionality of a responsive design is also a must, which will ensure the correct display of your site on your phone or tablet.

So, if the original design is not part of your brand, choose a modern and regularly updated e-shop template. However, if design is key to your brand, working with a professional designer can be the right investment.

3. Pay attention to original SEO-optimized content

Do you have product descriptions on your page that you copied from another site? Delete and overwrite them today! Google evaluates pages like duplicates, which can negatively affect your ranking in Google’s browser.

The content and texts on your site should always be original and written with the customer’s needs in mind. Do you know what questions your customers often ask? Alternatively, what topics are relevant to your products? Write about them in your e-shop in the “Blog” or “Frequently Asked Questions” section.


4. Describe not only the features but also the benefits of your products

Product descriptions are the most important content of your site, so you should not neglect it. The color, parameters, or properties of a product may not always be enough to make someone decide that they really need your product. Instead, try taking on the role of your customer: What probably brought him to your site? Why are you viewing your products? What prevents him from shopping? Are you considering two products you cannot decide between? Offer him answers to his questions and objections directly in the product description.


5. Consider using a product video

High-quality, high-resolution photos should be a matter of course in a good e-shop today. However, if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you do not just end up with them. Also present your product as a video.

Video can quickly convey a large amount of information. In addition, compared to reading text, watching a video requires almost no effort. Combined with the trend of increasing time users spend on the Internet watching video, product video can be a real game-changer for your e-shop.


6. A successful e-shop should show its authority and satisfied customers

The power of customer reviews and ratings today can no longer be ignored. According to statistics, up to 93% of shoppers consider the reviews and ratings of other customers before they buy in the e-shop (Source: Your goal should always be the best rating but be sure not to be afraid of occasional criticism. It can also add credibility to your e-shop.

Do you work in the B2B sector? Demonstrate your authority through testimonials from satisfied customers or business partners.

Does a celebrity buy from you or did one of your influencers like your products? Add their experience to your site.


7. Navigate visitors with appropriately placed ´´call-to-action´´ buttons

The simplest example of a call-to-action is the “Put in cart!” button, which I find in every e-shop. An interesting strategy to increase sales, however, can be the addition of a button with a family package, which will add to the cart instead of one piece, now 2 or 3 with a discount of say 10%.

Pop-ups or pop-ups are also a form of call to action. They may seem annoying to many, but they still work in e-commerce. However, always focus on their usefulness for the customer. Recall e.g., inform your returning visitors that they have something stored in the shopping cart, inform your customers and the hot discount, ask them for their email address or let them know that they will also find you on social media.


8. A successful e-shop has created an email database of customers 

Collecting emails on your e-shop does not mean that you must send a newsletter every week. Your email database is a great tool for informing your customers about new products, discounts, competitions, or other news and thus build a loyalty relationship with them.

However, keep in mind that the collection of information about your customers must comply with the privacy principles set out in the GDPR Regulation.


9. Beware of the slow web if you want to have a successful e-shop!

Slow page load is one of the main reasons why users choose to leave the page. When choosing hosting for your e-shop, pay attention to the speed guarantee. Statistics show that up to 40% of users leave a page that loads in more than 3 seconds (Source: Neil Patel). Test how long yours has been loading.


10. A successful e-shop cares about quality and good customer service

If you already win the heart of your customer online, do your best not to lose him offline. Quality products and reliable customer service as a form of marketing will therefore never go out of style. However, if you still want to move your customer service a bar higher, consider using a customer chat. Do not want to have it directly on your e-shop? Be social on social media with the Facebook chat plugin, which you can install on your Facebook business page.

Did you find some of our tips that you are going to try? Do not be afraid to be different and experiment. In the business world, it is not true that the best way to do something is as others do.


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