A new copywriter, a redesigned brand name, a website with a cartoon design, but also another company strategy and bold goals for the future, this is Chiannaway. The brand has decided to expand and broaden its portfolio with new services. Fulfillment of the new set goals also requires the gradual expansion of the creative marketing team. Karina Ledecká is a new member of the team as a copywriter.

Copywriter – Karin Ledecká

Karina has worked in various regional media as an internal team member. She wrote texts as a copywriter for a student magazine, and regularly participated in recitation competitions in primary school and later also in high school. She participated in the moderation of various school events and created school speeches. During her time at university, she tried to work in front of and behind the camera. Karin was also a member of the student radio and television team. During her extracurricular practice, she worked as an editor of evening news on the regional television Košice DNES. She also actively participated in the creation of the Slovak movie Loli Paradička. She also likes moderating various public and private events. In her free time, she dedicates herself to dance and painting, and recently expanded her portfolio to include handmade jewelry with motifs of his own paintings.


Nová posila tímu copywriter

In the agency, Karina is part of a creative team, where she participates in the creative formation of individual campaigns and oversees content management of social networks as a copywriter. At the same time, with her moderating experience, she helps to build a new media division of the agency.

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