Facebook and its history

Facebook has simply changed the world. At first it was just a student network, then it was called Facemash. Later, it was renamed on Facebook. It was created because Mark Zuckerberg wanted to send photos to his classmates during his studies at Harvard, to share his views with them. The history of Facebook thus began to be written in February 2004.

Facebook (FB) has become a phenomenon in recent years. It is a social network that connects people, allows them to communicate with each other not only on a personal but also on a professional level.

The most famous social platform

In 2010, Facebook became the most visited site on the Internet. It is thus an unmissable advertising channel. It is suitable for all types of products, services and provides marketing benefits that other advertising channels have not yet achieved.

According to statistics, more than 1.5 million Slovak users are currently registered on Facebook, of which more than 1.2 million are over 18 years old. Therefore, advertising, which is presented via Facebook, can reach more than half of active Slovaks on the Internet. And more than 50% log on to FB at least once a day. These are really interesting numbers.

Facebook a jeho sila

But it has a catch. It has well-thought-out, but also quite complex algorithms. For example, whoever sees your posts and ads, but still knows how to target well and accurately, reach out to people who are genuinely interested in your services or products. Once at the beginning of FB, people overtook the number of “fans” and thought it was good so. At present, however, the number of fans is more of a sign of the site’s credibility.

Facebook has enormous power. Therefore, trust is the alpha and omega for you. It is also a good idea, in addition to using all the advertising options that Facebook offers, to create active fans who will share, like and comment on your content. In this way, they accelerate the organic growth of the site and thus bring in new customers.


It is important to create content that motivates sharing. Whether it is a fun post or a product that the user is interested in and believes will interest his circle of friends. Posts should be funny, imaginative, or something that customers identify themselves with. In any case, it should always be related to the company’s brand.

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