Has your ad campaign stopped working? It is sad, but it happens, and not only to small companies, but also to big ones. Are you working hard in every possible way on a great advertising campaign that works from the beginning. However, over time it somehow does not bring any visible results?

Then come the relevant questions – “Why?” “Where did we make a mistake?” Or “Did we underestimate something?”

First, it is good to realize that there is no mistake behind it. It is a natural development of any advertising campaign. No advertisement is for lifetime. It simply “peeks around” and it is normal and understandable.


So, what can be done to make the campaign „take over“ again?

The extremely basic and most reliable procedure of every good administrator who oversees advertising is to constantly test new ads, so-called AB method of testing. After all, no one knows, and especially without trying to see if a better advertisement, a better slogan, a better challenge, or an offer can be found. It is simple, the ad market is naturally oversaturated. Every campaign can be optimized, so why not use it? Optimization is therefore particularly important and should not be forgotten.

Regular A / B testing will allow you to get to know your customers and thus improve your results, because you will have relevant data in your hands.

Testing can be done by two methods:

  • redirecting to another page
  • change directly on the website

Building a brand

There are different types of ads, so it is a good idea to use other combinations, formats, and track their effectiveness. Offer the ad campaign only to users who are relevant to your business. You may recognize this type of advertising as “personalized advertising.”


This means that people only see the ad they are interested in, reaching a more relevant group of people. This will clearly increase your conversion rate – whether it is through a direct purchase or just registration, or a completed form. This will improve your ad statistics (you will have a lower bounce rate and a higher clickthrough rate) and your campaign will suddenly be in the game again.

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