Do you have a great idea? We have a great solution. Try to read the following text for inspiration: High school students were once given an assignment that read: Write a 5-page essay on what courage is. Of course, almost the whole class handed over 5 pages of non-original texts, which were mostly copied from the Internet. But one guy thought about it. He handed in 4 blank pages and at the end of the fifth he wrote down in the corner of the paper “This is courage”! The boy was given as the only mark one.

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Bold and creative

People like this guy are great role models for creating creative marketing. Getting the assignment and processing it in a way that no one else would think of – that is thinking, a great idea that we like. Few advertising campaigns are successful because they are all, as they say, “on one hoof.” However, if we come to the market with something original, things will start to happen. But sometimes just a great idea is not enough…


Why does a great idea remain just an idea?

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The problem is its actual implementation. It usually fails that it is not completed and does not correspond to the goal of the advertising campaign. Why? Because the campaign itself probably has no goal.

So, in the beginning, the most important thing is to set a goal for your advertising campaign. What do we want to achieve with it? Who to focus on? What is the current situation and position of the brand in the market? These are the questions we need to know the answers to before we start the process of implementing any idea. It is important to look at the campaign in the long run and be able to perceive it through the eyes of the customer.

An advertising campaign will be something that people will associate it with for some time. Based on market research and focusing on a specific target group, we can start working on the campaign. We start with brainstorming. It is literally a “brainstorm” in which we write down all the ideas that will flash through our heads in a few minutes. By the way, do you know that those campaigns that violate all marketing rules tend to be the most successful at the same time? Some rules are designed to be broken. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the mind open when brainstorming. We will dress the idea in suitable graphics and come up with a short, simple, original, and apt slogan.

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