E-shop a chyby pri jeho tvorbe

Nowadays, people are used to buying the so-called online – this means via the Internet in e-shops and they do not follow only according to the price of the goods. More elements are important to them.

Just on the sidelines – do you know what “e-shop” means in translation? I found a few meanings, so try to choose? E-shop is an internet store, online store, e-shop for the purpose of selling goods… ..

There are e-shops that have a huge number of visitors and there are e-shops that are not very “popular”. Why is it so?


The most common recurring mistakes that cause low e-shop success


  • Sometimes even a small change can have a big result – I am sure people are not just guided by price when shopping online, as you might think. It is true that this plays a crucial role, but it is not the only factor in choosing goods. You may be surprised, but when buying, the ridiculously small details decide, which we often do not even realize. However, experience clearly prevails. If you bought somewhere and were satisfied, you will return there again. Customer reviews are extremely helpful when shopping. Therefore, try to “play” and tune your e-shop to suit the widest possible range of customers. Every little detail can be part of a successful equation. Details are decisive. Especially if there are dozens of the same e-shops with the same products and the same prices on the market besides you.
  • Banners occupying most of the screen – Even though we are used to “scrolling” on the web, the information that is displayed to us immediately after loading will attract our attention the most. Therefore, it is particularly important what information it will be. These should be products that appeal to the widest possible circle of your customers. If you place a scrolling banner here, which according to the survey, people do not click on anyway, it is the same as if you pasted a shop window with a huge poster with something that customers don’t care about at all.
  • Search is not at the top of the screen – For some, it may be irrelevant. The search should be at the top right of the screen. That is how customers are used to it, and I really don’t recommend experimenting here either.
  • Missing product images – Especially important point!!!!! Since you cannot really catch the goods that are sold on the Internet, you at least need to see them. You certainly would not buy goods for yourself that you would not know what they look like. It is a good idea to post photos from multiple angles and in good resolution. Personally, it is quite frustrating for me if I want to enlarge a photo and it only opens up a little bigger than the preview.
  • Product description is important – The more detailed and clearer, the greater the chance that the customer will buy your goods. Avoid general and almost meaningless text.
  • Information on the availability of goods – You may not find this information irrelevant, but the customer will greatly appreciate it if you give him clear information about the delivery of the goods ordered by him.
  • Do not forget – the price of the goods, the price for transport and expand the payment options for the customer. The latter is a big plus for your e-shop.


This article certainly didn’t point out all the possible mistakes, the aim was to explain to you that it makes sense to focus on things that seem obvious and simple, but can have an unexpectedly big effect.

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