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Rebranding and the process of change

The successes of our clients are also our successes. Therefore, we decided to start rebranding our agency Winext – brand agency. We decided to get the value of the agency to a higher level. At the beginning of 2019, the agency began to go through many internal changes and transformation processes. This effort resulted in a complete rebranding, which was introduced in July 2019. The brand was renamed Chiannaway and including a new corporate idea. It got completely new redesigned marketing strategy with a new brand direction and a new website with cartoon graphics. Soon, we have set bold goals that we would like to meet step by step. We are going to enter new marketing markets in the European Union, but especially outside it and thus the markets of third countries.

Chiannaway is constantly working hard to expand its team of experts and passionate colleagues, paying particular attention to the motivation and education of students who will want to pursue a career in the field of marketing and media. For this reason, we actively cooperate with universities and other student organizations in Prešov.

The main impetus for rebranding was the perception of client requirements. The brand is aware that for our clients’ business plans to be successful abroad, it needs to have its marketing solutions created comprehensively, with an emphasis on maximum quality. The quality that was and remains the number one priority. Our physical presence is therefore essential for a perfect understanding of the market.

Branding - proces zmeny

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