In addition to offline marketing or recommendations, customers will also learn about your company through precisely targeted advertising in the online space or on your website. However, one basic rule applies here – we cannot build a roof without having the foundations of the house already built.

Build a solid foundation of your website

Web stránovský

A potential customer who has been approached and interested in online advertising will instantly click on your company’s site. But what will he find on it? He has never been in your local store, so he will judge the brand only based on the web. Before we start creating different marketing strategies, let us think together about whether your site or e-shop is ready for visit of potential customers. We have encountered many cases where the company had great products or services and a representative local stone. Personal contact was at a high level and people were happy to return to the store. However, the company website was out of date, confusing and, due to the poor quality of the graphic designs. It looked unprofessional. For this reason, it lures away all potential customers.

Not everyone could meet you in person. For this reason, your website should be as close as possible to the identity you build in personal communication with the customer. Although the website does not completely replace human contact, it still has something in common. The trust is basis. Just as a customer must trust you in a face-to-face meeting, they must also gain a sense of trust through your website. This is a demonstration of your professionalism for potential customers. There is only one first impression. It is, therefore, extremely important to work to make it the best it can be.


Social networks are an extension of your website

Sociálne siete ako nadstavba vášho webu

The website is a corner stone of online business. Social networks are just a gateway to the world of your business, which is represented on the website. The website is being promoted via Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Through the design, structure, and texts themselves, the first impression is created in people. This impression will remain in their minds permanently. Based on the quality of the website, customers will also form an opinion about how the company cares about the quality of its products and services.


Like personal sale, a website also offers quick feedback. With the help of various analytical tools, it is possible to find out a lot of equally important information. Information on how many people visit it most often, how long they stay, how they behave on the website, what interests them most and others. After you obtain this information, you can create the website exactly according to the customer’s ideas. Such created website will ultimately bring you satisfaction.


Another huge advantage of websites and e-shops is that they do not have any opening hours. People can search for information or shop literally at any time. While you enjoy your morning coffee, the right website or e-shop will take care of customers and save you a lot of time and energy. Of course, your online assistant will also need some time to learn all the tricks to use when communicating with the customer.

However, as soon as the formula is created, according to which the website will work like a watch, it will become your best employee without competition.

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